Alday, A Love Story.

 Ashley Braz, Founder of Alday with her Mom Lucy


Alday is very much a love story written in fabric. We adore mothers and hope that our admiration, awe and gratitude can be felt in every stitch of our garments.


Our mission is to make maternity essentials better. Wearing comfortable clothes makes you feel more confident and that's really important. Today, mothers are working both at home and in the office, raising families and staying active. They're more focused on self-care, well-being and are conscious about how they consume.

We're 100% made in Canada. Our fabric mill is a family-run business that has produced the highest quality textiles for generations. Our manufacturers are women who have dedicated their careers to crafting well-made clothing. Both our partners are located less than 30km from our office. This means we can take part at every stage of production and ensure our garments exceed (already high) expectations.

We value the best materials, superior workmanship and hope you'll feel the difference. Made In Canada is more than what's written on the tag; it helps us stay true to our mission of making beautiful products that will endure the test of time...And there's nothing better than that. 

When we set out to create our first garment, the "Everyday Legging", we knew having a luxurious fabric that felt amazing on your skin and could stand up to wash and wear was important. Along the journey we began learning about sustainability and the benefits of producing clothing from natural textiles. Our leggings are a premium bamboo, lycra blend.

We were deliberate and thoughtful creating leggings that were versatile, breathable, durable, colourfast, low-pill, opaque (but not thick), lightweight and, oh, so soft. 

The way you feel when you get dressed in the morning can impact your entire day. We wanted to capture the softness of a cashmere sweater and the comfort of a vintage tee. 4-way stretch technology that's mindful of your growing body and sensitive skin. Clothing that's easy to wear and easy to care for. Quality leggings, built to last, designed to make you look and feel your very best.  

We understand you don't want to invest a lot of money on maternity clothes you'll, "never wear again" and we totally agree, but what if we changed that narrative? What if you could buy less just better? How would you choose your maternity wardrobe if it made you feel more like yourself? If you chose pieces for fit and look, not just function?

Style, comfort and quality should never be compromised especially when you're growing another human because that's a big, beautiful job and it's not always easy. So, if we can make your life just a little less complicated and make you feel a little more confident we will have done our job. 

Founder, Alday

To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.” — Maya Angelou